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Feb 13th  

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Understanding how scent makes us feel.

Scent | Story | Design | Creativity


As many countries have returned to a sense of “normal’, the reality is the world has changed for ever. In the past few years the majority of Canada's population suffered from coronavirus, individuals still are recovering by one event that occurred: Anosmia - The loss of our sense of smell and taste.  Loosing one's sense of smell can impacts the quality of life, increasing depression. 

"What if?" a single scent could change how you feel?  

Using scent derived from natural plant essential oils, and referencing her new book WHY the NOSE? ,

Tracy Pepe will walk you through an innovative and engaging opportunity to feel and smell happy. This unique opportunity will be held Online – via ZOOM; however, a scent kit will be delivered to your home or office before the class so you can participate as a live class. 


The class will focus on the connection between brain activity and scent, highlighting the research on smell loss (anosmia). Using scent to recall memory is the basis of this lively workshop - "What if?", with TED talk speaker, Tracy Pepe.

what if scent could change how you feel? NEW classes
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