FRESH hand sanitizer -bulk price more than 10

FRESH hand sanitizer -bulk price more than 10

SKU: FR6010

Peppermint essential oil hand sanitizer, aloe, gel base solution – especially made for children and soft hands.

French/English size 60 ml (2 oz)

Approved Health Canada formula

Bulk price min 10 units

MADE IN CANADA for Canadians



    • Facts you need to know - According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Liquid hand soap and bar soaps help prevent the spread of this virus and pathogens. For washing hands, the WHO says soap must be massaged into hands for 20 seconds followed by rinsing the virus away with water. This video examines why this is the case:


    • Can essential oils help with COVID-19? There is NO proven effect on COVID-19 by using essential oils in any application. ever, there is evidence that essential oils can help with stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system and allowing us to feel connected to nature. Lavender is safe and NOT toxic at all, and is helpful with improving sleep.


    Are bar soaps effective for preventing the spread of COVID-19?

    Yes, they are just as effective. Furthermore, they are better for the environment with less packaging and 25% more cost effective than liquid soap. My store The Scented L’air that is located in Downtown Brampton supports local soap makers. A recent article from McGill University published this piece on the topic:

    Hand washing is just as effective whether using liquid soap or bar soap

    DISCLAIMER: none of our products have been tested specifically on the covid-19 virus. The material above is based on recent information from credible sources.

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