DUEWEST custom scent

DUEWEST custom scent

This is the signature scent of Due West Boutique in Toronto.  Due West is an independent retailer, established in 1973. We are located on Queen St. West near Spadina Avenue, one of downtown Toronto's busiest shopping destinations. We offer premium men's and women's outerwear, apparel, footwear and accessories in a modern 5,000 sq. ft. boutique. Online you can find us at www.duewest.ca


    All of our essential oils are imported from the country listed. We sell essential oils and fragrance materials to be used in diffusers and to scent a space. When using essential oils we recommend to avoid eye, mouth and skin contact. essential oils are not safe for any topical application on children and animals. Essential oils are fragrant chemical materials that can be toxic if not used properly. Less is more and always avoid any open flames. Do not place essential oil on wood surfaces and wash hands with liquid soap.


    We guarantee our products, if you have any concerns call us at 905-216-8766 or email us at sales@scentedlair.com 


    We offer FREE shipping in Canada with mail service, $10.00 UPS our service, and we offer great deals worldwide.  Any order over $ 75.00 automatically comes with FREE shipping anywhere.   


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