Derma Scrub

Derma Scrub


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This is like feeding your  face with delicious nutrients as you cleanse your skin and remove dead skin cells while promoting collagen production.
The creamy lather from the Castile Soap will easily melts the Demerara Sugar that aids in removing impurities while leaving your skin silky smooth. Sugar is amazing for the skin as it has a tightening effect which helps with preserving elasticity. With other ingredients such as Cacao that is high in antioxidants, along with Vitamin A and E from Greek Olive Oil and a fresh burst of Peppermint to promote healing and cooling the skin, Shea Essence Demerara Scrub leaves the skin feeling fresh and looking radiant. Gentle enough to use as an everyday cleanser and supportive to skin sensitivities like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.
How to Use: Apply and gently massage to wet skin. Rinse with warm warm water and a splash of cold water to
seal the pores.
  • Meet Shea Essence

    Meet Althea Fraser, the founder of Shea Essence Wholesome Food for the skin.  An apothecary-style skincare line formulated with essential oils from The Scented L’air. 

    Althea the brand ambassador for Shea Essence, is the lead product developer for herself and other brands. 

    Fraser’s background includes Holistic Nutrition combined with strong knowledge in the use of herbs, essential oil blending, and holistic skincare.

    Shea Essence Wholesome Food for Skin is the purely natural result of passionate research and experimentation with countless formulations and improvements.

    You're invited to try Shea Essence products, located at The Scented L’air, 29 Queen St E, Brampton. 


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