Body Conditioning Cream

Body Conditioning Cream


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When it touches your skin it melts away, gently absorbing in o your pores, invigorating your skin and repairing the damages caused by life. It conditions your skin and makes it more supple, smooth, and attractive. It works wonders various skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dried cracked skin, and blemish disorders. Our Key ingredients are Comfrey Leaves and Neem, as well as Greek Olive Oil, which is a powerful source of vitamin A and antidote for spectacular skin. It is exhilarating on a cellular level and works well for all occasions.

  • Meet Shea Essence

    Meet Althea Fraser, the founder of Shea Essence Wholesome Food for the skin.  An apothecary-style skincare line formulated with essential oils from The Scented L’air. 

    Althea the brand ambassador for Shea Essence, is the lead product developer for herself and other brands. 

    Fraser’s background includes Holistic Nutrition combined with strong knowledge in the use of herbs, essential oil blending, and holistic skincare.

    Shea Essence Wholesome Food for Skin is the purely natural result of passionate research and experimentation with countless formulations and improvements.

    You're invited to try Shea Essence products, located at The Scented L’air, 29 Queen St E, Brampton. 

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